The ZGC Secretariat is headed by a Chief Executive Officer who is accountable for assisting the Commission through the initiation and implementation of Strategies to promote and protect gender equality.

As part of establishing the institutional aspect of the Commission, three departments were set up. The departments are:

  • Gender Equality Promotion
  • Finance, Administration and Human Resources
  • Legal and Investigations

These departments are headed by two directors: a Director of Programmes heading technical units, and a Director of Finance responsible for support units of Finance, Human Resources and Administration.

In addition, ZGC has other units which are:

  • Procurement Management Unit
  • Information Technology
  • Internal Audit
  • Monitoring and Evaluation






Research and programming

This unit is responsible for managing and coordinating the various research and programing operations of the Commission

        ·       Monitor laws and policies for compliance with gender equality provisions in the Constitution

        ·       Monitor State compliance with regional and international treaties

        ·       Conduct research on emerging gender and social justice issues\

        ·       Produce knowledge products on gender equality

        ·       Identify systematic barriers prejudicial to gender equality (laws and practices); and

        ·       Draft policy briefs, advisory notes and cautionary statements for presentation to duty bearers.

Public Education and Information

This section is responsible for managing the various public education and information operations for the Commission and ensuring efficient information dissemination

       ·       Undertake a variety of public outreach and community relations activities, special events, and public awareness programmes.

      ·       Undertake the development of public information collateral materials, graphic design and production, and audio-visual production in a variety of media;

       ·       Manage development and maintenance of website and content; manage social media platforms and relationships.

       ·       Participate in establishment of a gender knowledge hub and products.

       ·       Create linkages with other information hubs; and

      ·       Participate in creation of database on data sources in collaboration with sector Ministries and academic institutions, development partners and civil society organisations.



Legal and Investigations

The department is responsible for providing legal services to the Commission internally as well as planning and directing the conduct of external investigations of possible violations related to gender in accordance with established standards, policies and procedures.

       ·       Legal advice to the Commission

       ·       Legal drafting

       ·       Legal assistance to complainants (advice and referrals)

       ·       Intake and handling of complaints from the public

       ·       Conducting investigations and securing appropriate redress for complainants; and

       ·       Carrying out alternative dispute resolution of complaints (mediation, conciliation, arbitration and negotiation)


Finance, Administration and Human Resources

  • Preparation of estimates of annual revenue and expenditure
  • Executing and monitoring the budget
  • Accounts payable management
  • Production of periodic financial, administrative and human resources reports as well as Statutory returns
  • Human resources acquisition, training and development
  • Management of human resources policies and systems
  • Employee resourcing
  • Provision of health and safety
  • Payroll administration
  • Procurement of goods and services
  • Asset management
  • Transport management
  • Security management; and
  • Records management

Internal Audit

             ·       Monitoring the financial administration and accounting procedures

             ·       Evaluating the effectiveness of management internal control and compliance with government procedures, laws and regulations

             ·       Carry out follow-up audits on recommendations based on the time frame given

             ·       Assist management on risk management

Procurement Management Unit

             ·       Plan and prepare bidding documents

             ·       Manage bids evaluations

             ·       Prepare contract documents and participate in contract negotiations

Information Technology Unit

             ·       Application development and maintenance

             ·       Cyber security

             ·       Development and maintenance of IT infrastructure

             ·       Developing and implementing Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) strategy; and

             ·       ICT system administration.

Monitoring & Evaluation Unit

This unit coordinates the collection, analysis and use of data to assist ZGC in its oversight and monitoring role

  • Ensure an appropriate monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system is in place and is functioning satisfactorily. Periodically review and revise the system so that it is adapted appropriately to changing operating contexts.
  • Ensure relevant and timely M&E information is provided in user-friendly formats to key stakeholders.