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The Zimbabwe Gender Commission is established in terms of Section 245 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe to promote, protect, enforce and advance gender equality. The Commission will be hosting its inaugural Gender Equality Awards in 2024. The Awards are designed to recognize the valuable work being done by different institutions and individuals in advancing gender equality in Government, Private Sector, Local Authorities and CSOs. In our endeavor to promote Gender Equality and harness partners on this trajectory, we are launching our first ever, Gender Equality Awards. Four broad categories comprise:


  • Government (as duty bearers)
  • Civil Society Actors – as complimenting government efforts
  • Private Sector – in the context of multi-level partnerships
  • Outstanding individuals


Categories of Awards


Outstanding Ministry with Gender Sensitive appointments: The award examines the extent to which a government Ministry would have ensured the Gender Parity Principles in leadership positions across its departments and Board appointments. This is a holistic approach to ensure gender equality on the whole.

Outstanding Ministry with Gender Responsive Programmes: The award examines the extent to which programming deliberately includes gender-responsive budgeting and programme implementation – deliberately inclusive processes addressing the multiple, practical needs of women and girls

Local Authorities
Outstanding Gender Responsive Programmes. The award acknowledges the innovations by local authorities in ensuring gender parity in leadership as well as programming initiatives by local authorities

Civil Society recognition
Civil society exists to complement government efforts, particularly in the promotion of gender equality and women empowerment. Deliberate initiatives driving towards those objectives, inclusive of mitigating Gender-Based Violence and other systemic barriers are recognized under these awards.

Outstanding National CSO promoting Gender Equality and Women empowerment: The award looks at the extent to which the organisation has been creative in driving the GE agenda, be it in promoting women leadership, mitigating GBV or promoting women economic empowerment at national level through programming in more than one province.

Outstanding Community Based Organisation in promoting Gender Equality and Women Empowerment. The award looks at the extent to which the organisation has been creative in driving the GE agenda, be it in promoting women leadership, mitigating GBV or promoting women economic empowerment at community level.

Outstanding Male Gender Champions: The award examines the extent to which the particular individual has been consistent in deliberate efforts of promoting gender equality. This can be through contributing to enabling environments, mitigating GBV or active participation in gender-focused programmes in innovative ways.

Outstanding Faith-Based Organisation in promoting Gender Equality, Women Empowerment and mitigating GBV.

Lifetime Awards: These recognize people who have made outstanding contributions in promoting gender equality processes in different spaces; be it legislation, community-based advocacy, or national interventions. Entries should profile key outstanding issues / achievements, milestones by the individuals for recognition.

Outstanding Journalist in advancing gender equality: This award recognizes journalists who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and dedication to reporting on gender issues and promoting gender equality through their work. The recipient of this award will be an outstanding journalist who has consistently made deliberate efforts to advance gender equality through there reporting. The award seeks to honor individuals who have made significant contributions to raising awareness and fostering positive change in society regarding gender equality issues.

Outstanding tertiary institution in advancing gender equality: The award acknowledges the innovations and gender programms by Tertiary Institutions in ensuring gender parity at all levels in the institution.

The Nomination Process
Nominations should articulate the outstanding aspects in line with the outlined categories. Individuals or institutions can be nominated or self nominate, articulating the distinguished achievements in the above categories. Lifetime achievements are not necessarily a competitive category. However, entries proposing recognition of outstanding individuals is welcome.

Eligibility Criteria
The award is limited to individuals and institutions advancing gender equality. Generally, this means all involved in promoting the National Development Strategy, be they public, private or the development sector. The awards are targeted at excellence, outstanding and exceptional performance in Gender Equality initiatives by individuals or institutions advancing gender equality.



The ZGC believes that having these awards will contribute to raising awareness on Gender Equality principles and urging the entire citizenry to rethink the promotion and upholding of National Constitutional provisions – Section 17, Section 56 and Section 80, among others. It is envisaged that by 2030, Zimbabwe will have realized significant progress in advancing gender equality.


Individuals    and    institutions    meeting   the    stated   criteria    can   submit    their profiles to email: by February 16, 2024. Alternatively, hard copies of nomination profiles can be submitted to Zimbabwe Gender Commission at:

  • 1st Floor, Pax House, Number 89 Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, Harare, or
  • Office 8 Social Welfare Complex, 116 Fort Street and 10th Avenue, Bulawayo


For more information visit or get in touch with the Commission on 0719554483 (Harare) and 0719554462 (Bulawayo).


Facebook@Zimbabwe Gender Commission

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